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Hi, I’m Angie. I was a brilliant marketing director before cashing out my stocks and retiring (very) early. Now, I answer your questions about marketing so I can feel better about myself while I relax on my yacht and pretend to write my first novel. Hey, at least I’m honest about it!

You want more? Well, I'm saving my writing energy for my magnum opus! But don't worry, I've got plenty of anecdotes, and my social posts below will make you feel like we're long lost friends. All in good time, my hungry reader! 😘

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Hire me

You really think I’d be perfect for your marketing project? Well, here’s the thing. I’ve actually retired from client work and am currently writing my first novel. Plus, you probably couldn’t afford me anyway!

Don’t sweat it; I’ve got your back. I know this marvelous individual who can help you, I passed on some of my knowledge to her, and she is open to new gigs. Her name is Sigrid Dufraimont. 

Her biz is called Cheesecake Media—yep, just like the dessert! Don’t let that stop you from getting in touch. I’ve got a link to her site and she’s also on LinkedIn if you want to reach out there as well. 

You’re welcome!

Dear Marketing Guru is a satirical marketing blog with real good advice. In other words: the marketer is fiction, the advice is genuine. Dear Marketing Guru is a creation of Sigrid Dufraimont.

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