“I think AI is about to take my job…”

Dear Marketing Guru,

I am panicking and I need your advice. I fear that AI will take my job soon. I work at a start-up and mostly compose copy for their social media. It usually consists of promotional content with some images and a call to action. I excel in this area and I drive a lot of the conversions.

But lately, the tools we use are starting to implement AI more and more, and my boss loves it! He is convinced that the quality surpasses our standards and wants to begin testing automated content creation. I dread that he is plotting to replace me with AI!

How can I outsmart AI, marketing guru? 


A marketer in need of the Guru’s help

Dear SoVeryHuman, 

Well, I’m not shy about admitting that I don’t have a clue about this area. You’re asking me about an opponent I’ve never had to take on. It wouldn’t be proper for me to give you advice from the privileged confines of my yacht without freely confessing that I haven’t done much battle in this arena.

So, let’s talk about the buzzword of the moment: Artificial Intelligence. I could give you plenty of examples of how AI is far from being intelligent, but that’s not going to help you. Because it will become more intelligent very soon.

What is troubling is that, in the meantime, many people will be lazy and, frankly, short-sighted. Your boss sounds like a prime example of one of these people. Too many marketing directors think that AI will take over a lot of work for free.

That is true, but only in part. Have you ever heard the phrase Garbage in, garbage out? It may be a bit graphic and smelly, but it’s the best metaphor I can think of. The internet is already full of mediocrity, and it’s about to get much, much worse. 

Let’s read a little story about mediocrity, shall we? I’m feeling extra creative today. Imagine there is a cyborg named Cindy. She is super intelligent, but she has one fatal flaw: she still needs food.

Without food, Cindy’s system gets stuck in what it knows at present. She ceases learning. And that implies she cannot function in a continually evolving world. I know, you instantly feel the dissonance in this narrative, don’t you?

Anyway, Cindy needs nutritious food to survive and thrive. You won’t be surprised to hear that she gets stuck working for a stingy human. The guy owns a store with exclusive, premium home decorations. 

One day, Cindy’s boss asks her to create five beautiful statues out of stone. Cindy immediately searches for inspiration in her databases and sees that she could create an incredible number of statues from an incredible variety of types of stone.

When she asks her boss to clarify what he needs, he tells her to just create whatever statues are most popular. He wants to sell these quickly and he wants the statues to appeal to as many of his potential buyers as possible.

So, Cindy goes to work and crafts five identical statues that she assumes will fetch an impressive profit. Her boss puts them up for sale, and they are quickly purchased. Her boss believes he has made the right decision, but it soon becomes evident that his judgment was hasty and misguided.

Why? Well, the statues failed to impress anyone. The buyers were content with their purchase, yet not content enough to promote the boss’s store. The statues just weren’t distinctive enough for that. 

Other customers of the store saw the statues and were somewhat disappointed. The statues looked okay, but not exclusive or original. These customers now thought the store sold stuff you could get anywhere else, possibly for a lower price.

In case you’ve completely lost the thread and I’ve taken this creative metaphor a bit too far, let me get to the point. AI tools are great at spitting out content based on content that already exists across the web. That means you effectively get regurgitated content.

While regurgitated content may seem appealing initially, it provides little value to the world. Ultimately, people will become aware of this. Sure, one can ask AI tools to generate content for them. This might work for a while. Until it doesn’t.

In the short-term, it appears that your job may be eliminated. However, you have a great opportunity here to become an exceptional “AI Director”. Utilize the power of these tools to swiftly access data or generate assets, but make sure you always supplement with expertise or a personal, human touch. 

Will this prevent your present employer from dismissing you? Most likely not. Youll need to search for someone who is less narrow-minded and thrifty. Ultimately, however, you will be better off as a result. Start exploring what makes you uniquely human, SoVeryHuman. No artificial intelligence can replicate that.

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